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Innovative, Knowledgeable, Experienced & Professional Services

Tir Nua Consulting Ltd. offers personalized consulting services in the areas of oil and gas development, geological storage of CO2 and assessment of market potential of new energy related technologies.  We will ask difficult questions and help you to find answers so that your product or idea has the best chance of succeeding.

Please feel free to contact us providing a brief, non-confidential description of the challenge that you are facing so that we can best decide how we can help you.


With a diverse background in oil and gas field development, operations, portfolio management and energy technology investment, Tir Nua Consulting Ltd. can add value to your properties, investments or energy technology company.


Dave Hassan is the President of Tir Nua Consulting Ltd. and has over 35 years of practical experience and expertise in oil sands and heavy oil, venture investing, CO2 EOR, leadership, strategic planning and economics. He also has experience in Board governance, public consultation and regulatory processes and was an expert witness in a regulatory proceeding.

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