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Evaluation of Energy Technology Investments

General Fusion Compression Test.png

Building from experience gained while leading a corporate strategic investment team and evaluating funding requests for government agencies, I will work with your financial analysts and technical specialists to evaluate investments in energy related technologies.  Some past investments made:

Market Assessments


Using the TEAM tool, I will help technology entrepreneurs understand potential market barriers, pathways and investors most suited to help develop their technology.

CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and Geological Storage

CO2 EOR.png

Using experience gained from five years involvement with the Weyburn CO2 EOR and Storage Project, I can assist in project design and operations, public consultation and education and measurement, monitoring and verification (MMV) planning.

Heavy Oil and Oil Sands Development


I have extensive experience in oil sands and heavy oil development including portfolio management, lease acquisition, property marketing and divestitures, public open houses, regulatory hearings, cold production field development and steamflood and in-situ combustion pilots.  I will work with your technical specialists to add value to your projects and properties.

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